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  • 2018-04-23
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We all understand the importance of staying inside during these days. If you are lucky enough to work remotely then your home office is receiving a lot of extra traffic recently. It’s important that you work to keep your this area clean otherwise things can get out of control easily.

If you brought your office equipment with you for these quarantine days then start with disinfecting them. It’s not just to avoid coronavirus but also other germs and dirt, it’s necessary to clean your gadgets before placing them in your working area.

Computer and equipment: We don’t know why and how but it doesn’t matter how much you clean the screen is always dirty. Never use harsh chemicals to clean the screen. You can find cleaning kits made for monitors. If you run out of that option then you always have vinegar on your side. Mix white vinegar and distilled water equally and fill in a spray bottle. Microfiber cloth is the best option not to damage the screen.

At least when you turn off your computer you will see if the screen is clean or not but for the equipment you have a fight with the invisible enemy. Many of us overlook their keyboard which is a mistake. We are sorry to inform you that your keyboard is dirtier than your toilet. Because you can’t see the dirt it doesn’t mean it is not there. To avoid dirt and germs clean it regularly. If you can unplug it that’s great, if not don’t worry there are other ways to clean it. Hold it upside down to get rid of large dust or food clumps. You can use a little vacuum to get rid of the junk. Avoid using liquids directly, instead use a dampened cloth with cleaning liquid and wipe your keyboard with it. You can use a dampened cloth for your mouse as well.

Earbuds: Especially these days because of long conference calls due to working remotely your earbuds are like parts of your body. Excess use of earbuds can be dangerous if you don’t clean them regularly. Earbuds hold bacteria and germs and if you don’t clean them regularly they can threaten your ear health. It would be awesome if we could wash them to get rid of everything but since it’s impossible we recommend you prepare a mix of dishwashing detergent and water. Use a gentle cloth with just a small amount of the mixture. If your earbuds have removable silicone covers then you are lucky, you can easily wash the covers.

Mobile phone: Nobody is aware of how much bacteria and germs our mobile phones house. Especially nowadays, if you go out for any reasons and take your phone with you then you should definitely disinfect it when you return home. Even without the current situation, you should clean your mobile phone regularly if your hands are often attached to it. If you need to disinfect your phone you can use disinfecting wipes and a dry cloth afterwards. If you need just regular cleaning baby wipes is a good option.

Working area: Keeping your working area clutter-free would make easy. Less dust would pile up and less effort would require to clean it. Also, less stuff would help you to focus on your work.

To ease your mind and forget all your worries about the recent news you can book a via and focus on your family and work. You stay home and safe, still serves you every day.

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